Forum Algarve food court give me 5 campaign

Give Me 5? Eating at Forum Algarve has never been better

Forum Algarve is proud to present its new “Give Me 5” campaign to its visitors. After the huge and ongoing success of the Orange Weekends campaign – where you get 10% of what you spend, in voucher, per € 50 of purchases during the last weekend of each month – this new and exciting campaign is now aimed at the restaurants.

Now, per each € 5 visitors spend at the more than 20 restaurants in Forum Algarve’s Mercado Food Court, they get a stamp on their “Give Me 5” card that can be acquired both in the adherent restaurants and information desk. When the 5th stamp is received, the visitor can immediately claim a € 5 voucher that can be used in the adherent restaurants. The stamps are collected at the information desk and to get them you’ll only need to show the invoices for the meals purchased at any restaurant of the shopping centre. This campaign will be on until the end of the year or until the 10,000 vouchers run out.

After quite some hard work and true commitment to create a safe place for all the visitors, Forum Algarve was awarded a “Global Safe Site” seal by Bureau Veritas, certifying that all the safety regulations and policies are being followed at the shopping centre, and recognising the contribute of Forum Algarve’s preventive effort in the fight against COVID-19.

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Forum Algarve Give Me Five promotion

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