‘Give box’ promotes trade of second-hand items at Tavira market

‘Give box’ promotes trade of second-hand items at Tavira market

A ‘give box’ has been set up at Tavira’s municipal market, encouraging people to donate items that they no longer use.

The idea is that anyone can leave an item inside the box in hopes that it will be taken by someone who wants or needs it.

“We all have things that we no longer want and are in good condition, but we do not know what to do with them,” says the main promoter of the initiative, Associação Fazedores de Mudança.

“In this era of mass production which goes way beyond our basic needs, there are tons of objects that are quickly discarded which could still serve their purpose,” it explains.

However, only items that “are useful and in good condition” should be left inside the box, such as books, CDs, vinyl records, toys, schoolbooks and school supplies, games, clothes, kitchenware, household items, tools and even bicycles.

Food, medicine and broken objects should not be left inside the ‘give box’.

The initiative is promoted by Associação Fazedores de Mudança with the support of Tavira Council, Tavira Parish Union and CNE-Agrupamento 100 de Tavira.

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