Give a dog a home!

Max has been adopted by a family since 2018. Reluctantly, they have to find a new home for him. Circumstances have changed and moving to an apartment means re-homing Max. He’s a charming dog with a good personality, they think he is around four or five years old. A loving dog, likes his pats, naps and treats. Holds an affectionate paw out in “thanks”.

He’s good with people and reacts as a good guard dog. He may not get on with other dogs, but only if they show aggression. So, he is better in a relaxed, friendly, environment. Max is not keen on getting into cars. A bit on the cautious side. He’s not into heavy-duty “walkies”, but enjoys his outings nevertheless.
Sounds as if he would suit a family, willing to offer time, patience and love, in return for a handsome, well behaved, medium sized, affectionate dog. Not neutered or chipped. Help can be arranged.

Like to meet Max? Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Article submitted by APAA, Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (