Girl power for PSD in local elections

WOMEN ARE very well represented in the list of the Social Democrats Party (PSD) candidates for the Algarve in comparison to the past, with a total of 692 ladies standing at local elections this year – 28 per cent of the total candidates for the party. In fact, in the case of Olhão, where there are a total of 159 candidates, 74 of those are women – 47 per cent of the total. Candidates are also getting younger it seems, with 421 PSD candidates (17 per cent of the total) aged under 30 standing this time. It is also interesting to note that of a total of 2,463 PSD candidates, 1,166 will be independents – 47 per cent of the list – indicating a strong link for the PSD with the Algarve society. More on the Algarve council elections on the facing page