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Girl escapes abduction attempt in Porches


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A 15-YEAR-old Dutch girl escaped from a man who attempted to force her into his car as she was walking home near Porches on March 11.

The father of the girl, who asked not to be named, told The Resident: “She was walking home from a supermarket at around 6pm and felt that she was being followed by a vehicle. “She looked round and a dark jeep drove off around the corner.”

A few minutes later, the jeep returned and stopped a few metres ahead of the girl.

“The man opened the door of the vehicle as my daughter walked past it, so that she was blocked, and tried to pull her inside,” said the father. “I am lucky to have a strong daughter who managed to free herself.”

The family reported the attack to Armação de Pêra and Lagoa GNR.

“I spoke to them on Friday to find out if they had any leads or new information, because I heard rumours that a similar incident happened near a primary school in Senhora da Rocha (near Porches),” said the father.

A spokesman for the GNR told The Resident: “We can confirm that this incident was reported and a detailed description was recorded from the victim, which was passed onto all local GNR branches. There is no record of another incident.”

Dark jeep

The man is described by the girl as being around 40 years of age with grey hair in a pony tail and wearing various big gold rings. The vehicle in which he was driving is described as a dark jeep with tinted glass and yellow foreign number plates.

There have been numerous other reports of similar incidents in the area in the past few weeks, one of which was notified in an email to The Resident. The reader told us: “My daughters go to school in Armação de Pêra, and one of them told me that, the other day, while on the bus on her way home from school, a car pulled up alongside it near Alcantarilha, and the driver had his trousers down and was exposing himself to her.

“I asked her what type of car he had been driving, or if she could tell me anything about the driver, but she had been so shocked she looked away quickly. As it’s near the area (Senhora da Rocha), there is a reasonable chance that it’s the same person.”

If you see anyone who you believe matches this description, please contact

your local GNR.


The father of the Dutch girl who escaped an abduction attempt in Porches has visited the local petrol station and cafés to ask if anyone had seen a man matching the description given by his daughter. An employee from the petrol station told national newspaper Correio da Manhã: “The father was here on Saturday as many cars come here, and he asked us to keep a look out.”

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