Gigantic Bolo Rei in Quarteira this weekend

news: Gigantic Bolo Rei in Quarteira this weekend

FOR THE second consecutive year, a unique event in Portugal will take place in Quarteira – the cutting of a giant Bolo Rei, the Portuguese Christmas cake. On Saturday, December 10, hundreds of passers-by can share and enjoy the cake in Rua Vasco da Gama, at 3pm.

Last year’s cake measured a staggering 130 metres in diameter and, this year, organisers hope to beat this record by producing a cake measuring 200 metres. Two teams from four bakeries in Quarteira are responsible for making the giant Bolo Rei, work on which began yesterday (December 8).

A giant oven is being used to bake the one tonne cake for a total of 40 hours and it is expected to be ready at 10am on December 10. Ingredients used to bake the Bolo Rei (crystallised fruit, flour, sugar and eggs) are being purchased with the support of local shops and businesses.

The initiative has been organised by the Associação de Empresários de Quarteira, with the support of Loulé Câmara and the Junta de Freguesia de Quarteira, with the aim of promoting local trade during the Christmas period.