Giants, gods and golden apples by Aperitivo theatre group

The Giants are charmed by Freya, goddess of Youth and Love – their payment for building a castle for the Gods.

But when Wotan, chief of the Gods, realises he will get old and die without Freya’s golden apples, he decides the deal is off – and Loki the trickster has to find a way out. As Loki says to the Giants:

LOKI: Freya has the golden apples, symbols of Youth and Love, but – think about it – do you really need the apple part? Why don’t you just take the gold?
FASOLT: Oh no! I’d rather have Freya. She’s such a pretty little thing.
LOKI: Listen, with enough gold you can get any girl you want.
FASOLT: Really? But Freya’s the only one with the apples of Youth. I want to get rid of my wrinkles.
LOKI: If you’ve got enough gold, no-one will see your wrinkles.

With popular songs from the 1920s instead of Wagner’s endless score, Bi-Cycle, the spoof created by Aperitivo theatre group based on half of the story of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, promises to brighten up a February evening.
It features Gods, Rhinedaughters, Giants, Valkyries, Dwarves, a Hero and a Dragon – and a three-course dinner will be served to those who enjoy a fully-rounded event. The dinner begins at 7pm, and the theatre starts at 8.30pm.

February 13 and 14: Museum, São Brás, reservations: [email protected]
February 20: Clube de Tavira, Tavira,
February 21: Casa do Povo, Moncarapacho

Tickets: €8 without dinner, €18 with dinner

To reserve seats and dinner at Tavira or Moncarapacho, email: [email protected]

Photo: Giants Keith Brown and Günther Bock are delighted with Freya, played by Laila Wocke