Giant tree lights up Belem

news: Giant tree lights up Belem

The largest Christmas tree in Europe was illuminated last Saturday night in Belém. With a height of 62 metres, the impressive aluminium structure in Praça do Império was enveloped in a blaze of fireworks and music to complement the nearby fountains, which danced in shades of crimson, blue, gold and green.

The tree, which has two million lights, is sponsored by Millennium bcp, and alternates in colour from electric blue to yellow. It weighs 167 tons and is composed of 22,000 metres of illuminated wire mesh, 400 strobes, 320 metres of neon lights and eight powerful moving spotlights, which shine on the tree at its four corners.

It took 350 people a total of two months to build the structure which is only beaten in terms of size by this year’s Christmas tree in Itu, Brazil. The tree, which is in front of the garden of St. Jerónimos will be lit each day, between 5.30pm and midnight, until January 6.

To add to the festive atmosphere, a spectacular 1,000sqm skating rink, known as ‘Lx on Ice’, is opening today (Friday November 26) at the nearby Parque das Missas. It will cost 2.50 euros to use and will remain open for three months, operating Sundays to Thursdays, between 10am and midnight, and until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.