Giant Easter cake.jpg

Giant Easter cake

Young pastry chef Filipe Martins (pictured) from Olhão is again rolling up his sleeves to bake a giant Easter cake in time for March 23, when local residents and visitors to the city will be able to sample a slice from 10am near the Largo da Restauração and the main church.

The chef, who owns local pastry shop Kubidoce, inaugurated a year ago, was successful in baking a giant ‘bolo-rei’ (Kings’ Cake) for Christmas and now is the time to focus on the seasonal ‘folar’. But there is a surprise in store: Filipe Martins’ giant creation will be made of four varieties of the Easter cake – the traditional Olhão folar (a sugar-filled cake shaped in a spiral), a honey and olive oil variety (a Kubidoce specialty), a Serra folar and a chocolate folar.

Being passionate about chocolate, Filipe Martins could not resist a chocolate variety of the folar, which is an Algarve exclusive – it is a crunchy chocolate with almonds, hazelnuts and spices.

The chef said: “Visitors can expect 300 kilos of folar cake, measuring 70 to 80 metres in length. The dough will take 24 hours to bake but first it needs to be left to rest and rise. ”

In the next few days, the chef will very likely be found surrounded by several kilos of flour and brown sugar, eggs, baking powder, medronho and fig liquors, port wine, cinnamon, anise, chocolate and many other ingredients used to bake his tasty folar creations.