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Getting your pets safely to the Algarve

Pet Chauffeurs is a courier service which began two years ago that offers the transportation of pets, with a door to door service from the UK to the Algarve.

Dogs, cats and all varieties of household pets travel in comfort by car rather than going through the stress of air travel.

Pets are transported to the Algarve in approved mesh pens that are large enough for them to move around and lay in comfort, with soft bedding and non-spill water bowls.

Keith Hill, owner of Pet Chauffeurs, said: “We enjoy the job we do, spending time with each pet and reassuring each pet and playing with them. Dogs we have carried have, on reaching their destination, jumped back in to carry on!”

The pets are transported in air-conditioned estate cars, people carriers and mini-buses.

The service also offers the opportunity for one owner to travel with their pet at no extra cost, just paying for hotels and refreshments. The company also works alongside pet rescue centre’s when travelling around Europe.

In September, the company is travelling to Bulgaria to rescue 14 puppies that were abandoned and will take them to Rotterdam where they will be re-homed.

If you would like to find out more information, please call Keith Hill on +44 1323 447 687.