‘Get tough’ land border controls in Portugal start from tomorrow

In line with new ‘get tough measures’ coming in from tomorrow to combat the generalised rise in Covid infections in Portugal (click here), land border controls are also being tightened.

From midnight tonight (00.00 hours December 1) any citizens from outside the EU, or citizens from countries considered to be ‘red’ or ‘dark red’ in terms of risk, travelling across the border from Spain and without a valid EU Covid Digital Certificate, need to present:

  • Proof of a negative laboratorial PCR test, taken within the previous 72-hours
  • Proof of a negative laboratorial ‘rapid antigen’ test, taken within the previous 48-hours.

Citizens from EU countries considered to low or moderate in terms of risk will be allowed passage over the borders as long as they have up-to-date Covid Digital Certificates (showing either proof of double-vaccines (in some cases, triple), proof of recovery or of a negative laboratorial test).

Transfrontier workers – people who regularly work up to 30 kms from the border – as well as lorry drivers, emergency and rescue/ security services, will also have to  present their Covid Digital Certificate every time they cross the border.

Border controls however will not be constant. The Ministry of Internal Administration has said they will be random.

Anyone discovered not to have the necessary sanitary paperwork will be required to take a test for SARS-CoV-2 at a location within a 30km radius of the border control at their own expense. People thus referred will be expected to await the result before travelling across the border.

“Anyone not presenting proof of a Covid test, or refusing to undertake one, is sanctioned with a fine of between €300 and €800”, concludes a government dispatch sent out last night.

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