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Get the girlie goth look

By SUZY TURNER [email protected]

Fans of all things gothic will be delighted to hear that the gothic look is back this season. No, I’m not talking about black hair, black clothes and black Doc Martens… this is more girlie goth than ghostly goth.

I am talking about the eyes. Although dark black eye make-up has appeared on the catwalks numerous times over recent seasons, this time it has a gentle twist to it. Gone is the extreme black badger look and instead is the kind of look that most of us can attempt.

Eyes are as dark as you can take them, and then smudged to soften the effect, leaving lips and cheeks as pale as possible (nude would be a better description). If you’re unsure about black, then go for dark smoky greys instead.

This decadent and vampish, yet feminine look can, surprisingly, soften the face but don’t overdo it. Combine with girlie clothes to avoid looking overly gothic.

Once you’ve mastered the eyes, concentrate on the lips. ‘Nude’ might sound like a simple lipstick to buy, but you’ll be surprised at the vast array of choice that is given the title of ‘nude’. From the palest of flesh colours to blush pink, you’re spoilt for choice! For the best look, prep the lips with an old toothbrush, then add colour using your finger to give a softer look.