Get rid of the scams

I was interested in you article, Beware of firms offering free surveys, in the December 1 edition of The Resident.

I would like to inform you that two or three weeks ago, we received a phone call from a person representing Safeguard offering a free check-up of our house’s security fire safety. My wife agreed to this and the person said he would call back and make an appointment. In fact he never did, but he has been active in the Almancil area within the last month.

An elderly neighbour of ours had the same contact and did have a visit from Safeguard.

In retrospect, she was extremely worried as, in the UK, she would never have entertained letting such a caller come. I do not know the details of the visit, but I believe she did nothing.

Keep up the good reporting and get rid of these scams.

Chris Ireland , Loulé