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Get rid of damp in your home with Drymat Systems

Drymat System is a newly available product in the Algarve which tackles and helps to prevent the problem of damp in people’s homes in the Algarve.

The installation is made up of six magnetic waves of different frequencies that prevent humidity building up in walls.

The German product has been brought to the Algarve by Martin Verloop, who is originally from Holland but has lived in the Algarve for five years.

From his experience of working in the real estate industry, he saw that many homes in Portugal were badly insulated leading to problems with damp.

“The way Portuguese homes are built means that many have bad or no insulation at all, which causes the water from the ground to be soaked up through the walls,” he said.

“People who have spent lots of money on newly-built villas are even suffering with the problem.”

After hearing about the Drymat Systems, Martin got into contact with the company and became their Algarve representative.

Drymat System has been available in the Algarve for just three months and has already proved popular with Algarve residents.

“Our best recommendation would be from the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg, where they have had 191 Drymat Systems installed as they have had a big problem with humidity in the walls,” said Martin Verloop.

Having a Drymat System installed will also help to cut costs on heating bills throughout the winter period.

The company offers a 20-year guarantee, offering clients their money back if evidence of humidity in the walls is more than three percent.

Martin Verloop is available to visit clients’ homes for advice and inspection – please call him on 962 435 572.

For more information, please visit the Drymat Systems website at which is available in English.