Get out of the car and get fitter!

news: Get out of the car and get fitter!

LAST SUNDAY morning, the marginal road in the Oeiras municipal area from Carcavelos through to Algés was once again closed to motorised traffic to make way for less noisy and polluting forms of transport – there were pushchairs, prams, cycles, tricycles, scooters, skateboards, roller blades, and walkers and joggers. The only noise to be heard was the odd squeaking of normally unused bicycle brakes. Thousands of locals took to the marginal in the three-hour road closure to enjoy the safety not normally attributed to this stretch of road.

The Resident spoke to a number of cyclists. One couple commented: “Oeiras should get together with Cascais and close the marginal road off completely, giving us the freedom to use the road all the way to Cascais.” Another family member said: “The câmara should do this every Sunday. We all need more exercise as we are getting obese.”

When we returned to the Carcavelos roundabout, we witnessed the number of irate drivers complaining to the police about the road closure. Our advice to them is: get out of the car and get fitter! Bob Hughes