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Kozii is a new clothing and accessories brand with its concept store located at the very heart of beautiful Tavira in the Eastern Algarve.

Designed and conceived by Cecília Silva and Nuno Campos, a well-travelled Portuguese couple that fled the capital in search of a more laidback lifestyle, Kozii seeks inspiration from ancient printing and weaving techniques from across the globe, presenting clothing and other home textiles with its very own exclusive designs and fabric compositions.

Constantly travelling in search of unique materials to transform and bring back home, Kozii’s collections are steeped with stories and experiences of many travels around the world, delivering fashion in fine cottons, linen, silk and cashmere wools.

One of the printing techniques used is known as woodblock printing, where patterns are printed on textiles with hand-carved wooden stamps. This technique is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all methods of textile printing, capable of yielding highly artistic results, some of which are unobtainable by any other method.

In an allusion to both Oriental and African influences, Kozii integrates with a certain ease premium materials with a well-rounded contemporary aesthetical sensitivity, resulting on the creation of highly distinctive designs.

Kozii’s Tavira store opened around a year ago and is well worth a visit. It is located on Rua Doutor Augusto da Silva Carvalho, 2C.

281 027 306 | 912 032 479