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news: Get involved with IWP

Every autumn, the International Women in Portugal organisation (IWP) holds its annual Activities’ Fair to highlight the opportunities it offers members in a wide range of social and cultural activities. This year’s event was due to be held yesterday (Thursday, October 21) in the Cascais Cultural Centre, starting at 10.30am. Members and guests could then stay for a buffet lunch at 1pm.

Newcomers to Portugal are particularly welcome to browse and chat with members who will introduce them to more than 30 activities on offer at the club. There are many groups covering a diverse range of interests, including language classes (Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and German), arts and crafts, tennis and mother and baby groups, to name but a few. Some members enjoy mah-jongg or canasta, while others prefer the book enthusiast discussions or an international diners’ gourmet evening. The choice is yours and there is always the opportunity to start a new activity.

It is often a daunting prospect to land in a foreign country and IWP can certainly smooth the path. There is always someone at the end of the phone to help and give advice to new members. The IWP has also published a very useful book, Feeling at Home in Portugal. Whether searching for professional or practical help in your everyday life, this book has the answer!

The monthly magazine A Janela has many interesting articles and outlines upcoming events. Social activities, lunches and tours can fill those empty hours in the early days, when husbands are at work and the children are at school. And if you are Portuguese, the IWP also opens the door to contact with women from all cultural backgrounds. If you would like more information about IWP, visit our website, contact our office in Estoril on 214 683 925 (Mon-Wed-Fri, 10am to 3pm) or email us at [email protected]. Contributed