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Get fit with Reebok

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FITNESS, EXCERCISE, Workout. These are words of dread, fear, even boredom for many women.

But if such things were made to be more exciting, would you no longer dread that thrice weekly session? Would you be more encouraged to dust down your trainers and dig out that old leotard (ok, an old tracksuit would do the trick too)?

Reebok is launching a new website on September 15 2008 to help us find exercise more fun.

Reebok Women intends to bring the brand’s unique point of view on fitness to life by inspiring consumers to become active and think about fitness and movement in a different way. The site will bring to life Reebok’s instructors in an interactive, compelling way.  

Visitors to the site will have the unique opportunity to create and share their own inspiration to get active by customising an experience based on the mood, fitness move and colour of their choice.  

Visitors will pick a mood reflecting the way they feel, pair that up with the workout move that most intrigues them, and finally match that up with the colour of their choice to create a completely customised experience.  Consumers will also be able to learn fitness insights from the instructors they most closely identify with.

The website features some top fitness stars including Jennie Widegren (pictured), Raquel Salvadori and Sara Haley.