Get creative in Loulé!

Learn to make fig cheeses and chocolate bonbons… or cook a ‘Carnival’ rooster.

Those looking to learn a new gastronomic skill will have a lot to look forward to in Loulé next month.

Whether you want to learn how to combine fig and chocolate to make the Algarve’s delicious fig cheeses or how to make chocolate bon bons, or even know how to prepare a traditional ‘Entrudo’ rooster feast, there will be much to look forward to in February.

The workshops will take place as part of the ‘Loulé Criativo’ project, described as an initiative aimed at enhancing and promoting the identity of Loulé.

“The driving forces behind the initiative are creativity and innovation. The project supports the training and activity of artisans and other people working in the creative sector, helping to revitalise the traditional arts and crafts and dynamise new approaches to the areas intangible heritage,” organisers add.
The first event will be the fig cheese workshop, which will take place between 4pm and 6pm on Sunday, February 20. The meeting point will be the popular Loulé Market Chocolate Fair.

Participants will be walked through the process of bringing these delicious treats to life and will at the end be invited to try the fig cheeses, as “only by tasting can you see how well fig and chocolate go together” They will also receive a certificate proving they are able to invite their friends and family over for a fig cheese tasting!

Cost is €15 for adults and €10 for children up to the age of 16.

The two remaining workshops will take place on Saturday, February 26.

Chocolate lovers will be able to learn how to temper white, dark and milk chocolate, make bon bons and at the end enjoy a combination of wine and chocolate. The event will take place at Quinta da Tôr wine estate in Loulé at 2.30pm, costing €35 per person.

For those looking to dive into local traditions, there will be no better choice than the remaining workshop which will teach participants how to cook the ‘Entrudo’ (Carnival) rooster – a staple dish in the area during Carnival.

The event will explain everything that is needed to bring this scrumptious meal to life and will also feature an explanation on how to make ‘Filhós de Laranja’, a traditional dessert. It will be held at headquarters of the southern delegation of the International Police Association in Loulé.

All three events will be held in English and Portuguese.

Visit for more information (available in English).

Chocolate delights – Photo: POLINA TANKILEVITCH/PEXELS.COM