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Gerry McCann returns to work


GERRY MCCANN returned to work today (Thursday) for the first time since Madeleine went missing in May.

The consultant cardiologist at Leicester’s Glenfield Hospital has been on leave since his daughter disappeared in Praia da Luz nearly six months ago.

“Unless Madeleine is found, we are not expecting any significant developments in the near future. I’m very keen to get back in,” he said.

Staff at the hospital and in the NHS Trust were thanked for their support during the family’s ordeal.

Trust bosses have said he will not be seeing patients immediately but would start work on MRI scans and admin.

Clinical director Dr Doug Skehan said the time was right for a return after the distress and pressure the McCanns had had to endure.

“He has demonstrated great personal qualities that we know he possesses,” said Dr Skehan, who asked the media to respect the care of the hospital’s patients.

The first phase of his return will involve “limited contact” with patients, such as discussions with them about their MRI scan results, he added.

It is planned that Dr McCann will be involved in direct contact with patients in clinic after one month.