Gerry McCann arrives back in Algarve

Gerry McCann has arrived back in the Algarve following his short trip to the UK to resolve some legal issues and collect personal effects to allow his family to remain in the Algarve until Madeleine is found.

Accompanied by one of the liason officers, Gerry McCann was on easyJet flight 6551 from East Midlands airport which departed at 06:10 and arrived at Faro at 08:45 this morning (Tuesday).

The flight which according to one of the passengers appeared to be very quick, went without a hitch, with Gerry and the liason officer taking up 3 seats in a row. The seats behind them were kept vacant by EasyJet.

“He looked quite tired and was approached by fellow passengers while drinking his coffee, some who offered support and others comfort. One lady held his hand while saying that she hoped Madeleine was re-united with him soon.”

Gerry McCann and the liason officer spoke quietly according to passengers, while looking at a press report. At one point Gerry took out his laptop computer and did some work.

“The head of the cabin crew approached the men and gave Gerry McCann a bag which appeared to contain toys or games of some sort, presumably for the twins. Gerry smiled, thank the steward and put them in the overhead compartment,” said the passenger.

First on the plane at the East Midlands, Gerry and the officer were aslo the first to disembark at Faro while the other passengers were asked to remain on the plane.

Still airside, their passports were checked and a car whisked the two away through a rear exit leaving reporters and film crews at the front of the airport.

Updated 10.09, May 22, 2007