German travel agents choose Algarve to prove “safe travel is possible”

Six representatives from travel agencies in Germany have travelled to the Algarve for a week-long trip between April 18 and 25 to prove that “safe travel is possible”.

The initiative has been organised by the ‘Save the Travel Industry’ (Rettet die Reisebranche) movement which was created to show that the Covid-19 pandemic does not have to spell disaster for the travel industry.

Says the movement, all we have to do is take precautions and “travel safely”.

The Algarve was the selected destination to showcase their belief following an invitation by the Algarve tourism board and tour operator Olimar, two entities which share the same belief and concerns.

During their visit, the six representatives will be discovering some of the region’s main attractions all whilst observing the lengths to which local authorities and companies have gone to ensure holidaymakers feel safe from the moment they arrive at Faro Airport.

Visiting the Algarve’s pristine beaches, riding on a catamaran in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, exploring the ‘Sete Vales Suspensos’ walking trail in Lagoa, tasting regional wines and relaxing at several local hotels are just some of the experiences that the visitors will be enjoying during their trip, says the tourism board.

They will be accompanied by a cameraman and photographer who will be documenting their trip. Videos and photos will then be shared on the movement’s website and social media pages.

The ‘Save the Travel Industry’ movement has been making waves in Germany and raising awareness about the impact that the pandemic has had on the sector, which is why the Algarve tourism board believes this visit will also bring some needed exposure to Portugal’s southernmost region.

“It fills us with great pride to have been the selected destination to show that it is possible to continue to travel safety,” said Algarve tourism boss João Fernandes.

“This visit is recognition of the work we do, with the help of the sector’s agents and the region’s civil protection authorities. We want those who visit us to feel safe and confident, and that this initiative helps to spread the message to one of our largest markets.”