German School of Lisbon students’ graduation

news: German School of Lisbon students’ graduation

MORE THAN 50 students of the German School of Lisbon said their goodbyes to the school and graduated into the world of university last week. The Resident was invited along to witness the students’ proud moment as they went on stage to receive their diplomas from German Ambassador, Dr. Hans-Bodo Bertram, and school’s director, Dr. Angelika Fuchs.

The evening’s programme started with Nuno Martins and Sylvia Wittmer playing a duet on piano. Then, Leonor Amaral, with her enchanting voice, hit the stage to sing Out Here on My Own from “Fame”; next came Nuno Martins, again at the piano, playing The Music of the Night from “Phantom of the Opera”. Luís Pereira and Sylvia Wittmer, representing the graduates, gave a heartwarming speech that led into the award ceremony of diplomas. To close the first part of the evening, Regina Hämmerle (vocals), Joana Moura (guitar) and Sylvia Wittmer (piano) sang and played Little Wing from Jimi Hendrix.

The evening was rounded off with the graduates entertaining parents and guests to more traditional music of pop and jazz.

By Bob Hughes.