German sailor rescued

A German sailboat which was at risk of sinking 18 miles off the Portimão coastline was towed by the maritime authorities and brought to the city’s port where it will undergo repair work.

The boat experienced engine problems and began drifting along at the mercy of the sea while water was leaking into the vessel, leading the only crewman and passenger onboard, a German citizen in his 60s, to send out an SOS distress call to the authorities.

According to a report in the Diário de Notícias newspaper, the crewman did not suffer any injuries but admitted feeling “disorientated” when the boat malfunctioned at open sea, at a time when there was no wind to guide his craft.

The man began his journey across Portuguese waters in the Azores, from where he last disembarked before experiencing difficulties, leading him to travel towards the Portimão port last week in order to receive assistance.

The rescue operation was carried out smoothly and involved a Ferragudo speedboat from the Instituto de Socorro a Náufragos sea rescue entity, with the support of the Maritime Police.