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German plays Santa Claus!


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A MAN in Germany drank a few too many beers at Oktoberfest when he managed to get himself stuck in a chimney for 12 hours, after trying to climb into a friend’s house.

After realising that his friend was not at home, the man, aged 27, climbed on to a neighbouring building at around 2am and headed towards what he believed to be a gap in the wall between two of the houses. Sadly, he realised too late and slipped. He fell nearly 30 metres and went head first into a chimney, according to police reports.

It was around 12 hours later that an elderly janitor in an adjacent hotel heard the man’s cries for help. Emergency services arrived on the scene and hauled the sooty man out by knocking a hole in the chimney. As he emerged, it became apparent that he was naked and it was later revealed that he had removed his clothes in order to try to squeeze back up the chimney.

Luckily, the man only sustained minor bruises and cuts from his 30-metre fall and he was airlifted to hospital to be treated for hypothermia.