German men arrested for cannabis plantation

Two German men were detained by the GNR police while watering cannabis plants.

The GNR police seized 22 cannabis plants, enough for 130 individual doses, on August 17 near the village of Figueira, in Vila do Bispo council.

A spokesman for the GNR said: “We have discovered the plantation and mounted a surveillance operation. When the men arrived to water the plants, they were arrested for drug trafficking.”

The men, aged 47 and 48, appeared in court and were released with the proviso that they present themselves to the GNR police station in Vila do Bispo every week until the court decides their sentence.

This was the fourth seizure of cannabis by the GNR in the Algarve this month, involving a total of 144 plants.  On August 11 at Budens, Vila do Bispo, 72 plants were seized (enough for 400 individual doses) and the man responsible for the plantation arrested.

Just days earlier in Monchique, GNR police arrested two people at different locations for the same crime, seizing a total of more than 50 plants.