(Left to right) Dieter Morszeck and Ana Vargues Gomes
(Left to right) Dieter Morszeck and Ana Vargues Gomes

German foundation donates €1.5 million to Algarve hospitals

Money will be used to bring vital projects to life 

The Algarve University Hospital Centre (CHUA) has received a €1.5 million donation from the Dieter Morszeck Foundation, which will be used to bring vital projects to life.

The projects include the development of the Centre of Paediatric Development and Intensive Rehabilitation, a new infrastructure for Medically Assisted Reproduction and improvements to CHUA’s Ophthalmology services.

The non-profit foundation is based in Cologne, Germany and was set up by Dieter Morszeck, a German businessman and millionaire who says he wants to help and encourage people around the world with the same “vigour, commitment, creativity and perseverance” with which he ran Rimowa, a high-end luggage manufacturer.

The entrepreneur stressed the importance of “helping children, who are our future.”

“With this project we will be able to help some dreams come true and I am very proud to be able to help,” said Morszeck, who in 2021 invested around €6.5 million in the development of a luxury wine hotel in Vidigueira (Alentejo).

Ana Vargues Gomes, president of the CHUA administration board, also highlighted the importance of the donation.

“This donation will mostly benefit projects linked to paediatrics, from the Centre of Paediatric Development to Medically Assisted Reproduction, as well as physiotherapy areas for children with a wide range of conditions and medical equipment which provide diagnosis which up until now were not possible,” Vargues Gomes said.

Perhaps just as important is the fact that this donation will allow children “to complete their entire treatment in the Algarve, without having to leave the region,” the CHUA administration board boss added.

Alexander Rathenau, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Lagos, described the donation as an “example of partnership between Germany and Portugal.”

Meanwhile, CHUA’s administration board spokesperson Paulo Neves said that the investments must be completed by February 2024 and highlighted that while they will be focused on “youngsters and children,” the benefits will be felt in every unit of CHUA’s health facilities.

“For every euro donated, CHUA must carry out the same amount of investment,” he added.

The protocol which formalised the donation was signed between the foundation and CHUA at Faro Hospital’s auditorium.

By Michael Bruxo

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