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German couple in stabbing horror


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A GERMAN resident was found dead in his ex-wife’s swimming pool in Carvoeiro on Monday morning after allegedly having attacked her with a knife.

Birgit Peinoff, 46, was stabbed in her left side several times at her villa by her ex-husband Peter Peinoff, who was 53.

A spokesman from Barlavento hospital told The Resident: “The woman suffered a pneumothorax but is out of danger and recovering in the surgery wing.”

The spokesman also confirmed that Peter Peinoff was found dead in the swimming pool and is now in the hospital’s morgue.

According to Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã, Peter Peinoff stabbed Birgit while drunk, before drowning in the villa’s swimming pool.

The GNR said they were unable to divulge any information surrounding the incident but it has been reported in Correio da Manhã that Peter and Birgit Peinoff had marital problems caused by his drinking and violence, which he had allegedly received treatment for in the past.

Tyres slashed

A resident who knew the couple, but asked not to be named, told The Resident: “I did not hear of any conflicts between the couple. They have lived in the Algarve for several years and owned a butchers’ in Lagoa called Quinta das Salsichas.”

The tyres of Birgit’s Mercedes, that had been in the garage, had also all been slashed.

A GNR spokesman told The Resident: “The car tyres could have been knifed by the man to stop his ex-wife from escaping.”

According to Correio da Manhã, there were no witnesses because the houses and villas which neighbour Birgit’s property were all empty at the time this incident occurred.

A spokesman for the PJ told The Resident: “The Polícia Judiciária is investigating the case, but we cannot reveal any further details.”

At the time The Resident went to press, the German embassy had not been alerted to the incident, and was therefore not offering assistance.

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