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Georgette Klisiaris, accountant

GEORGETTE KLISIARIS is one very likeable and very determined woman. That is certainly the first impression you get when you first meet her, and the more one gets to know her, the more that impression is confirmed.

Having gained a Business Commerce degree in South Africa, she gained her experience in several junior positions, before moving on to become the Financial Director for an international property developer.

She has felt very fortunate that, at such an early stage in her career, she worked for large companies, giving her great opportunities to develop her skills in finance and accountancy.

In 1994, due to the political instability in South Africa, she and her husband decided to move to Portugal. Although her parents were Portuguese, it was a big move for Georgette and her husband, Konstantinos, to make.

She soon realised that if she were to succeed in Portugal, she would need to perfect her language skills and start from scratch in terms of building up the necessary knowledge of the local fiscal system.

Her determination and ability secured her a job as a senior accountant for a major car rental company, with branches throughout the Algarve. After showing her capability and gaining some valuable local experience, she was offered the position of financial director at an international company, and this gave her the chance to fully understand the complex Portuguese financial and Fiscal structure.

With these skills under her belt, she now has the ability to provide a full accountancy service and provide the complex financial layouts required for both the Portuguese and English systems.

Georgette launched her own company five years ago, and soon realised the English speaking community required a skilled professional accountant, able to help set up businesses with the best and most cost effective business systems. Also, Georgette noted that many existing accountants in the region offered services that were more beneficial to them than their clients!

Georgette offers a transparent, cost effective and efficient service where the clients can see the merits of what is on offer.

Business in the last five years has grown steadily through her integrity, professionalism and the sheer experience clients know she brings to their financial problems. Sometimes the help she offers has not even related to financial matters at all!

• Call Georgete Klisiaris on 282 476 160 or mobile 919 900 244, or alternatively by e-mail to [email protected] .