George is on top of the world!

news: George is on top of the world!

Last year George Davies was rubbing whisky into his swollen ankle joints to try and kill the pain of arthritis. Today the retired carpenter and joiner is celebrating his good fortune with a walk in the Welsh countryside with his dog Jet – free of pain – as a result of taking the health drink Vitacoll Gold.

After suffering since childhood with an hereditary condition affecting his knee joints, George’s life became unbearable when he was diagnosed with rapid onset arthritis in his ankle joints and was prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

At 66 years old, George could barely walk a few yards. “I just couldn’t tolerate the pain. It was major,” he said. In a last-ditch attempt to enjoy his retirement, he began a three month treatment of Vitacoll Gold, a collagen and glucosamine health drink formulated by experts to help promote joint mobility.

After just six weeks, George could not believe the dramatic results. “Last weekend, I walked the dog about five miles with no pain and I haven’t been able to do that for a very long time,” he said. “My ankles had become so painful to touch that I had been rubbing whisky into the joints because I’d heard that, years ago, boxers soaked their fists in whisky to reduce inflammation. I would have tried anything – I have been through hell and back with the pain, but now I feel on top of the world.” Find out about Vitacoll Gold on the company website at