Generous bikers help São Brás population

Tomorrow (January 12) São Brás de Alportel will welcome around 100 motorbike riders from Odivelas Bikers Club, in Lisbon, who will arrive in the town with food products to be used in support of the people who were affected by the fires in July last year.

The bikers will arrive in São Brás at around 12.30pm, when a parade will take place from the serra (the area most badly affected) to the Cabeça do Velho Football Club, where all the goods will be piled up for distribution to the most needy families.

Those in need have already been assisted by many entities including the local câmara and various charitable associations. However, there is a continuing need to support many of those affected by the fires and this is being integrated under a plan called ‘LARA’.

The generosity of the bikers from Lisbon is well recognised as they regularly participate in charity events. They recognised the massive forest destruction caused by fires and its impact on those living in the area and have chosen to support this particular part of Portugal.

Many people lost their properties and everything contained in them, whilst smoke and heat damage made foodstuffs stored totally unusable. Priority has been given to providing non-perishable goods, such as olive oil and dried pulses.

As well as helping those with immediate need for food products, money raised and donated to the cause has been deposited in a bank account called “Reborn from the Ashes” (Renascer das Cinzas).

The generosity and caring initiative by Odivelas Bikers Club is more than welcome, but those organising support for the needy say they will be delighted to continue receiving assistance to care for those affected by last summer’s fires.