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Generosity provides haven for the hungry

by SOPHIE MCCARRICK [email protected]

A plea for help by the ‘homeless’ Soup Kitchen of Portimão (A Cozinha) just over one month ago has been answered by a local couple.

Supplying hot meals three times a week to poverty stricken citizens in desperate need of food, the Soup Kitchen was forced to vacate its previous location in Portimão on April 15 after arrangements with associations that shared the rent changed.

The initiative, supported by the International Christian Fellowship Church (ICFC), has since been serving a basic meal of soup, sandwiches, fruit, cake and a drink of squash, to those who rely on assistance from a small multipurpose room located at the ICFC in Portimão.

As a result of an article in the Algarve Resident edition of April 20, a Dutch couple, who have requested to remain anonymous, have come forward to provide a generous donation of €250 per month, for one year, to the Soup Kitchen.

In addition to the €150 a month also received from the Lynford Trust, the Soup Kitchen has now been able to locate new premises that they can afford and have signed a contract with the landlady, Lisabete Martins, for one year.

Volunteer Joy Borgan told the Algarve Resident: “We are so pleased that the Algarve Resident published our story and let the need be known. This gift of €250 per month for a year will enable us to continue feeding up to 80 people three days per week.”

“The contract for a year was signed on May 20, however we now have to buy tables, chairs, a stove, a sink, and construct a kitchen area with counter tops and cupboards. We would also like to have a room with shelves that can be used for clothing where people can come and take what they need. If anyone is able to help, in anyway, we would be so greatly appreciative.”

As the newly rented location is currently just the four walls and an empty space, volunteers of the Soup Kitchen plan to spend the remainder of May setting up the room to the best of their abilities, and hope to begin serving meals there in June.

On June 23, a Midsummer Fundraiser will be held at the new Soup Kitchen premises, where freshly grilled sardines and bifanas will be served along with a wide range of salads, home-made sweets and soft drinks, at a cost of €10.

The new Soup Kitchen is located on Beco de São José, just off Rua de S. José, on a cobbled street behind several sardine restaurants, near the old bridge of Portimão (close to the Dona Barca restaurant).

“We hope that many people will come and see where we are and help to support this worthy cause by enjoying a tasty lunch,” Joy concluded.

For more information, tickets, or to offer assistance, donations of funds or items of use, please contact Joy on 917 358 098 or 282 042 836 or email: [email protected].