Generator on Carvoeiro cliffside

Dear Editor,

I have read the article online about the work going on in Carvoeiro and would like to add my comments.

I own an apartment at Cerro dos Pios, immediately opposite the foul-smelling, obnoxious, noisy, unsightly and dangerous generator that was placed on the cliff just before my recent 11-day visit.

We had to endure this for the whole of our holiday and, to cap it all, the Câmara then placed a Portaloo next to it!

They tried to mask it (the generator) by surrounding it with polystyrene blocks to deaden the sound – which made no difference at all – and surrounded the Portaloo with green netting

The main point, though, is the effect the generator is having on the cliff which, as we all know, is unstable and has been subject to cliff falls in the past.

PAM SPARROW, UK and Carvoeiro

Dear Editor,

The report that this monstrosity was to be removed last Saturday was (and IS) incorrect. The machine is still there, droning away as we speak.  

What amazes me further is that the company who are doing the works have dumped the rubble from their excavations onto the rocks on the beach (pictured).

What is the câmara thinking? Why are they allowing this? Who will put things right if it all goes horribly wrong and we end up with the cliff falling again?  

I think I can already answer this (nobody) and I say this because there is still rubble sitting on the pavement left uncollected from the repairs made to the wall which the tourist train drove into it (see the Algarve Resident, November 21).

It took the câmara, or whoever was responsible, a number of months to replace the wall and then they just leave a pile of rubble for people to fall over. If somebody falls and injures themselves, who is going to pay their medical bills, salary for time lost at work etc etc?