GCSE musical evening

news: GCSE musical evening

A RECENT musical evening made many parents proud as some of St. Julian’s senior school students were able to perform to a live audience. The Resident was also invited along to listen to the set pieces chosen by the students, which were recorded for their GCSE exams. The standard was high with some delightful music being played. Nocturne by Chopin was played by Maria Serrano, a violin duet was played by Catarina Correia and Jean-François Selfslagh, and other musical pieces were performed by Kotone Igarashi, Raquel Leal, Lucas Frost, Illimar Lepik, Mami Igarashi, Ayako Yoshitake and Alice Heidler. Some of the pieces were accompanied by Jackie Correia, the school’s music teacher. The Head of Music, Terry Payne, and the Senior School Head, Ann Hughes, congratulated the students and teachers for the evening’s success.