Gay Briton stabbed to death by Portuguese youth he “often paid for sex”

A 58-year-old Briton who lived in Alcoutim for several years was found dead in his home on Tuesday (April 5) after being stabbed to death by 20-year-old Eugénio Reicha, a Portuguese youth who the Englishman “often paid for sex”, reports national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

It is believed Reicha was under the influence of drugs when he stabbed Simon Carley-Pocock, shortly after the two had sex. His goal was apparently to rob the Englishman.

CM says the two men had met for “gay sexual encounters” several times before.

Pocock – reported to be HIV positive – is thought to have “travelled regularly to Faro to meet young men and take them back home with him”, according to British press.

His latest outing to Faro saw him meeting up Reicha, who he allegedly took home over the weekend.

The exact day of the crime has not been determined. Rigor mortis had already set in when police found the body, which indicates the Briton may have been dead for days.

The young Portuguese confessed the crime after he was arrested by PSP police on Tuesday while driving the victim’s Audi A4 without a licence.

“He said that he had had a fight with the car’s owner, and that he had killed him,” a PSP police source told the Resident.

According to CM, Reicha later told police that he still took a shower and ate before leaving Pocock’s house in Pereiro, Alcoutim though this is still unconfirmed.

Reicha had a knife with him when he was arrested though he claims he killed Pocock with a spear, which he later threw out of the car. The alleged crime weapon has not yet been found.

As the house is located in a remote area, there aren’t believed to be any witnesses.

The paper adds that the Englishman bought the house in 2007 with his English partner at the time.

The two apparently separated three years ago, and the ex-partner had since moved to Ayamonte. It is reported that he travelled to Alcoutim after the body was found and “spoke with the authorities, visibly shaken up,” wrote CM on Wednesday.

The case has been handed over to PJ criminal police.

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