Food-truck at the top of Fóia

Gastronomy and Medronho in the hills of Monchique

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs embarked on an expedition to the Monchique hills on September 26.

The group started at Alecrim, a food-truck right at the top of Fóia, the highest point of the Algarve, for a glass (or two) of white Barranco Longo and a sampling of shellfish whilst enjoying the breathtaking views.

Members then moved down from windswept Fóia to restaurant Jardim das Oliveiras where the owner, Sr. Geraldino, himself an ex-member of the Chaîne in Switzerland, warmed all up on arrival with a Kir Royale.

A feast of local delicacies was then served for starters, and a sampling of typical dishes from the Monchique mountains such as stuffed squid, braised wild boar, milk-fed lamb, and all sorts of charcoal-grilled meat. The group finished with a cheese from Seia and a choice of local puddings.

Well replete, Chaîne members then visited the house of Sr. António Valério, a small producer of the local firewater, the famous “Medronho”. He explained the process of elaboration of this alcohol distilled from the arbutus berry and, as he also produces honey, members were treated to a tasting of the Medronho itself but also of “Melosa”, a mixture of honey and Medronho “favoured by the ladies”, and of the delicious honey and pollen he produces, of course.

Another great day out for the Chaîne, in search of local gastronomy.

If you would like to know more about the Chaîne, contact Dr. Jean Ferran, Bailli Provincial do Sul do Tejo:

282 912 822 | [email protected]

Food-truck at the top of Fóia
Enjoying a meal at Jardim das Oliveiras
Medronho distillery
Seafood in the hills