Gas line installation leads to Mayor intervention

Work to install a gas line along the main street of Quarteira was suspended last Thursday after complaints from residents and business owners who claimed tourists were being driven away.

Protestors said the timing for the works, in the height of summer, was not acceptable and that visitors to Rua Vasco da Gama, which is busy with shops, restaurants and service outlets, were faced with noise, dust, machinery and obstacles.

A local business owner, speaking to Correio da Manhã newspaper, said: “The area running along the centre of the street had been cordoned off to allow the works to take place, which left only a metre each side of it for pedestrians. This is unacceptable at this time of year.”

Outraged by the situation, business owners complained to the local parish council, with president José Mendes calling for the suspension of the works.

Hours later, Loulé Câmara Mayor Seruca Emídio had ordered the works to stop until after the summer.