Gardening with fire

news: Gardening with fire

AS THE summer gets under way and with temperatures set to soar, the threat of fires has been forced to the forefront of our minds. From previous years, we have learnt of the damage fire can do and already many areas across Portugal have suffered terribly.

Cath Wells, a victim of fire, living in Aljezur, felt so strongly about the issue that she has compiled a self-help CD-ROM, entitled Gardening with Fire.

With the threat of another long, hot summer and the possibility that fires may be exacerbated through drought and low water levels, the CD-ROM will provide people with the relevant information about how to protect their home and garden, as best they can, from one of Nature’s biggest killers.

Gardening with Fire is a self-help, digital manual for home and garden design in fire-prone areas. Drawing on her own experiences, Cath covers topics such as why fires occur, how you can design or alter your home to make it safer from fire, ideas for the area around your home and how to create a fire-conscious garden. The CD-ROM is fully illustrated, using Cath’s own photographs showing the dramatic effects of the fires, which led to the loss of her home and garden.

Having had to rebuild her home, Cath was inspired to try to help prevent others from suffering the same loss. Her feelings are so strong that there will be a donation from the sale of every copy of the Gardening with Fire to the Bombeiros Voluntários de Aljezur.

If you would like to order a copy, send a cheque for five euros, plus one euro for postage and packaging, to Miss C Wells, Caixa Postal 417m, Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal 8670, or you can order on the internet [email protected]