Gardening, food and fun at Centre Algarve

An appeal for tools, building equipment and supplies for the new Centre Algarve in Moncarapacho has boosted the project to turn an old holiday complex into the first special needs holiday centre in Europe.

Tom Willis, project manager for Centre Algarve, told the Algarve Resident: “We can’t thank enough all the people who responded to our appeal in the Algarve Resident back in July. We have had so many calls and continue to hear from people who want to volunteer their time or some tools to the project.”

He added: “We are still receiving calls from people even now, with the latest being from a builder who has lent us the much needed cement mixer and has also offered various other tools and even scaffolding.”

Work on the centre is expected to take at least two years but Tom hopes that by members of the community offering some of their time this can be speeded up, and a gardening barbeque weekend is to be held at the centre tomorrow (Saturday) and on Sunday with everyone invited to the open event.

Tom said: “We are asking people to come along with a spade or a rake and help us to clear the 8,000 square metres that makes up the site. If you don’t feel like doing any gardening then why not just come along and be nosey!

“It can be hard to explain exactly what we are trying to create and why we need help but usually when people visit us they are then able to appreciate the project fully and most then want to help further.”

Volunteers and guests to Centre Algarve are free to drop in any time from 9am on both days with a barbeque being prepared by organisers.

For further information about the centre, please call Tom Willis on 962 812 230 or visit (available in English).