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Garden fair in Faro

A garden fair organised by the Mediterranean Garden Society will be held on Saturday, November 5 between 11am and 4pm in the historic gardens of Quinta da Senhora Menina, near Faro.

This year members of the society have developed a “learning from each other” theme and in order to share their experiences with visitors members are promoting a “get your hands dirty” opportunity.

Workshops and demonstrations by experts will show basic techniques to use in your own garden.

“We all had to start somewhere, and learning from each other is a good place to begin,” said Rosie Peddle from the Mediterranean Garden Society.

There will be demonstrations of solar cooking, mosaic tile laying and a talk on natural swimming ponds.

Visitors are also urged to take along any photos or examples of plants they have and society members and experts, who will be available in a Plant Clinic for any garden queries, will identify them.

“Do you have a particularly good example of lavender or rosemary that you would like more of in your garden? Cuttings taken in spring and kept in a shady spot can provide plants ready for the autumn planting season,” said Rosie Peddle.

Plants will be on sale, including 23 varieties of Cistus. A new specialist nursery has been propagating rarely available, drought resistant plants especially for sale at the fair.

To place orders before the fair and then collect your plants at the event, please contact Rosie Peddle (details below) for a full list.

Entry to the fair, an information leaflet and list of exhibitors costs €1 and children enter free.

For more information, please contact Rosie Peddle on 289 791 869 or email [email protected].

Directions to Quinta da Senhora Menina are available at