Gang terrorises Cascais area

A group of young men caused terror among shop and bar owners in the Cascais area recently. In one night alone, they threatened a woman, stole two cars, broke into a shop and robbed a bar – yet they have somehow managed to escape the authorities.

According to police reports, the first incident was registered last Sunday at 3.40am, when the trio assaulted a woman in Caparide and stole her Fiat Uno. The gang was then spotted, nearly an hour later, outside the Mirasol Commercial Centre in Parede, driving a stolen grey Volkswagen Golf. They then smashed the window of the Mirasol jewellery shop, which is located

inside the commercial centre. “They took gold, silver and watches. I am still counting how much money I have lost, but I think it is about 100,000 euros,” says shop owner Manuel Amaral.

After the break-in, the gang rushed to the getaway Volkswagen car and drove off. They later threatened staff with a gun at an all night food stand based outside the ‘blue elephant’ in Oeiras. They fled the scene after stealing three mobile phones.

Three days later, the gang was spotted in Galiza, near São João do Estoril, in a local café, Licadel. “It was the day that Benfica played Porto so the bar was full of customers. All of a sudden, these men came in and started threatening everyone with a gun, asking for money and mobile phones. They took 400 euros from the till and left,” the bar owner, Toni, explained.

As we went to press, the Lisbon authorities were still looking for the gang. According to witnesses, the three men are in their twenties, aggressive, armed and very dangerous.