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Gang of four kills Porto student after university party

Porto’s PJ police are on the trail of four young men who attacked a 20-year-old student near the city’s Asprela campus following a late-night party.

Joel Rafael was in the company of friends when he was “pursued” by the gang, say reports, and left for dead after a horrific attack in the FEUP (Faculty of Engineering) carpark at around 5am this (Friday) morning.

His killers “took off immediately”, while INEM rescue workers called to the scene tried to stabilise the youngster before he was transported to São João hospital – just a few yards away – where he died.

For the moment, the motives for the attack remain unclear. Police have also not revealed whether a weapon was used, but Correio da Manhã has released a photograph, saying Rafael died from head trauma, and that his attackers may well have been fellow students at the university.

Police are said to be interviewing partygoers for leads on identities.

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