Galp issues warning over phishing scams

Energy giant Galp is warning the public about two fake campaigns which are using the company’s name and logo to scam people into revealing their personal information and bank details.

The first scam was being sent to people by email, asking them to fill out a digital form with their personal information and credit card details. The website has already been shut down, a source for Galp told the Resident this morning.

However, a new phishing scam is being shared through WhatsApp and is promising people three months of free petrol in exchange for their personal information and bank details. Says the fake website, the petrol is being offered because the company’s storage tanks are “full” due to the coronavirus lockdown.
The source said Galp is trying to shut down this fake website as well.

“The number of phishing scams that are circulating recently is much higher than usual as fraudsters are trying to take advantage of people’s vulnerability during these times,” the source added.

Galp advises anyone who has revealed their bank details on the fraudulent websites to contact their bank and the police.

“Galp does not ask for personal or financial information by email and only communicates with its clients through its official channels,” reads a statement on the company’s website.

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