‘Galpgate’ political embarrassment to be closed with mish-mash of fines

GALP “doubles its ambition for green hydrogen at Sines”

Portuguese energy giant Galp has reportedly doubled its ‘ambition’ for the production of green hydrogen in Sines. 

The 100 megawatts (MW) originally proposed has now become 200 MW, to be confirmed once investments have been finalised (likely to be next year).

The news came on Monday, in a presentation sent to securities market commission CMVM.

Galp already has a 2 MW pilot-project underway in Sines “to accelerate the testing phase of this technology”, reports Lusa.

Talking to the news agency, GALP CEO Andy Brown said the company sees “enormous potential in the area of green hydrogen having set a target of 0.6 to 1 gigawatts (GW) capacity by the end of the decade, reaching 100 MW in 2025”.

“We believe we can make hydrogen from renewable energy like green hydrogen to reduce CO2 emissions and make the fuels we produce more sustainable”, he explained.

“That’s the core, but what we want to do is also be able to supply heavy-duty transport trucks and buses within Portuguese infrastructure. We also want to work in partnerships on how to use the core building blocks of fuels like ammonia and methanol and sustainable aviation fuels, because we believe that hydrogen will become the new core of that fuel energy system.”

Andy Brown stressed that Portugal, with its low cost renewable energy “has the opportunity to be very strong and to be a leader in this, something the government strongly supports.”

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