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Gallery commitment to Loulé community

ArtCatto gallery in Loulé recently hosted a group of schoolchildren, aged two and three, from the city’s Fundação António Aleixo.

For the boys in the class, their favourite artist was Alain Bertrand with his colourful vintage cars and American cityscapes. Elsewhere in the gallery, the smooth tactile quality of José Eduardo’s sculptures made touching them irresistible for the art-loving youngsters.

A spokesman for the gallery told the Algarve Resident: “These future art collectors could not contain their excitement and enthusiasm at the visual treat on offer.

“The visit highlighted ArtCatto’s commitment to the local community. Owner Gillian Catto wants to ensure that the gallery is accessible and friendly, and the school outing was a fun way for the children to be introduced to artwork in an intimate and unimposing environment.”

Another event was later held for students from Loulé’s Secondary School, organised by their Visual Arts Class teacher, Josefina Gamito.

For more information about the gallery, please visit www.artcatto.com

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