Galician terrorists on run for nearly 14 years finally arrested

A combined Spanish and Portuguese police investigation has succeeded in arresting two of Spain’s ‘most wanted terrorists’.

The male and female duo was arrested at a shopping centre in Vigo last Friday after a nearly 14-year game of cat-and-mouse in which they are believed to have spent years living in northern Portugal.

Leading members of the “Galician Resistance”, their capture is being hailed as a major police coup.

PJ police in Portugal have been involved in investigations into the whereabouts of António Garcia Matos (known as Toniño) and Asunción Losada Camba since 2006, reports Correio da Manhã.

They are described as having created two armed groups that “fight for the independence of Galicia”.

In their home country, La Voz da Galicia online website cites various attacks attributed to the couple going back years, involving a number of deaths, bombings and shootouts.

Charges facing them now include the transport of explosives, possession of weapons and falsification of documents.

It is not clear in reports emerging today where exactly in northern Portugal, the couple had been living, nor what succeeded in luring them back into Spanish territory last Friday.

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