Galeria Côrte-Real - Supporters of Salgados

Galeria Côrte-Real – Supporters of Salgados

Currently with more than 33,000 signatures, the petition to save Salgados is supported by Galeria Côrte-Real in Paderne. An exhibition of new sculptures features the Iberian hare, one of many creatures that will lose an important habitat if development around this coastal lagoon is allowed to go ahead.
Throughout the year, Salgados – located between Albufeira and Armação de Pêra – is a treasury of biodiversity. The last unspoiled lagoon of its type in southern Portugal, it attracts a huge variety of small mammals and birds, many of them rare species.
Additionally, in winter, it provides a home for thousands of migrating birds. The proposal to spend €232 million, creating a mega-development of three hotels and two golf courses, threatens the environment and all the flora and fauna that rely upon its natural state.
The Iberian hare has been the subject of recent studies bringing new information to the fore, establishing that the characteristic ‘boxing’ – previously thought to be between territorial males – in fact occurs between male and female hares that are not yet ready to mate.
Through careful observation and extraordinary sculpting skills, Suzie Marsh has captured this behaviour producing a series of agile and energetic bronze figurines. Cast by a process known as hot foundry bronze, the technique is unsurpassed generating high quality heirloom pieces.
A member of the British Society of Sculptors, Suzie Marsh is renowned for her accurate portrayal of animals. Amongst many commissions she has completed sculptures for London’s Zoological Society including an assignment in Zimbabwe where the focus was to recreate images of the hippopotamus in the wild.
Other British celebrities who have visited and added their names to the ‘Save Salgados’ campaign include ornithologist Bill Oddie and BBC television presenter Kate Humble, ‘tweeting’ serious concerns about the proposed development to her followers. ‘Save Salgados’ appears on numerous blogs and websites worldwide. The aim is to reach 50,000 signatures on the petition in the hope that public opinion will prevent the development from going ahead.
Supporters such as the owners of Galeria Côrte-Real cite the authorities stated desire to promote seasonal and environmental tourism. If that is the case then places such as Salgados should be preserved, not built over and destroyed.
Suzie Marsh’s sculptures can be seen at Côrte-Real’s new gallery located above the estate agents ‘Fine and Country,’ close to the beach in the centre of Carvoeiro, Rua do Barranco.
The main gallery ‘Galeria Côrte-Real’ is signposted from Boliqueime, Ferreiras and Paderne. Open Thursday to Sunday, 11am until 5pm.
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By Carolyn Kain
Photo: Iberian hares – bronze sculpture by Suzie Marsh