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Gaivotas flying higher in Albufeira

Money raised from quiz nights held at the Holiday Inn Algarve in Armação de Pêra was combined with further funds raised through events held by Carole’s Buddies culminating in a cheque for €1,000 being presented to the Gaivota children’s home in Albufeira.

Lynn Love and Marin Binks donated €500 raised through the quiz nights at the Holiday Inn Algarve since the start of 2011 while Carole Good-Dixon also donated €500 raised through group visits, including to Alte and Monchique.

Carole’s Buddies is an informal group of around 80 friends who meet up once a month for trips and events while also raising money for charity.

The money donated by the two initiatives will be used by the Gaivota home to allow children to buy clothes of their own choice with the rest being kept to meet the cost of dental treatments when required.

The organisers would like to thank everyone who made donations, took part in events and supported the fundraising work for the home.

For further information about fundraising events in the future, please call 919 266 770 or 966 571 639