Gaivota Branca Restaurant – from the sea straight to your plate

Located in the beautiful Meia Praia, in Lagos, Gaivota Branca rises from the sand like an unlikely oasis – a modern and almost transparent building that, rather than offend the natural landscape of this stunning beach, blends into it and respects it.

Serving clients since 1968, this restaurant has passed from father to son and so did the mission of offering its clients the perfect meal in a contemporary yet cosy environment, overlooking Meia Praia’s dazzling 5 km of beach stretch.

Known for its amazing fish and seafood, at Gaivota Branca only the fresher ingredients are used and bought in the local markets every single day. And the restaurant’s chefs overlook each step of all the courses’ preparation, from the kitchen to the customers table, where the fish is deboned in front of our eyes just before it’s eaten, so not even an ounce of flavour of freshness gets lost.

Open every day from 11am to 11pm, you can go there for lunch, dinner, or just to relax at their bar or terrace, lulled by the soothing sounds of the ocean that unbothered looks back at you. We definitely recommend a visit to this restaurant and promise you that you have yet to find another place in the region where fresh fish and seafood are turned into fine dining courses so filled with flavour.

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(+351) 914 588 074
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