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Future of fortress under discussion

A project to restore Santa Catarina fortress in Praia da Rocha, Portimão, was due to be discussed between representatives from Portimão Câmara and the maritime transport and port institute (IPTM) on Wednesday, November 25.

According to a statement from the IPTM, the work that has been proposed in a management agreement will be discussed during the meeting.

“Once a defensive point of the city and the port, the Santa Catarina fortress now shows visible signs of neglect, with some work already having been carried out in parts that showed signs of ruin,” said the statement.

The project that was to be discussed includes the complete restoration of the fortress and the surrounding area, as well as the creation of new commercial spaces. 

There is also a plan from Portimão Câmara to transform the city’s riverside area, which is also under the authority of the IPTM.

“With an agreement from the two authorities, a management plan outlining the conditions of the restoration project will be discussed during the meeting,” said the IPTM.

The complete renovation of the area as well as the construction of a planetarium, oceanarium and insectarium for tourists and residents is included in the project.

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